Which Game Has The Better Odds For A Player, Roulette or slots!

When reading a casino game review, which would hold the most interest, roulette or slots? The two have been great rivals and a source amongst players when debating which of them has the higher odds, any ideas? It can't be that difficult working it out, even if hopeless at maths!

What's better? Roulette or Slots

Some players are of the opinion when it comes to Roulette or slots, that Roulette edges it. The game has been around far longer that slot machines have. Roulette was popular in Europe way before it made treks to New Orleans and the likes.

Slots on the other hand didn't appear until far later in 1895. The first one was invented by a car mechanic in his 30's from San Francisco called Charles Fey who invented a 3 reel spinning game called the "Liberty Bell". In all probability, one has to say with that argument one has to give it to the better rounded game of Roulette.

But what can be learned from the game play, what if one is to analyse that? Well, original Slot machines have 3 reels and a certain amount of symbols on them. It's like throwing a coin into the machine to make the bet and just pull on the arm or lever. This is why it's so popular, no brain power's involved it is as simple as 1-2-3, and then it's repeated.

With Roulette the player has to place a bet on a zero, double zero, or one of 36 different numbers. There's also the option to bet on odds or evens, in a line or straight etc. One could have more than one bet and if all of them lose the player could be easily discouraged and quit.

The odds on Roulette are capped at 36:1 maximum selecting a single number correctly. Slots with their multipliers, jackpots and even progressive jackpots of millions, well these easily stacks the odds in their favor. Who's ever heard of a player winning a million dollars with a small bet playing Roulette?

So there it is Roulette or slots, but isn't it all really down to one's own personal choice? Odds don't govern everything when wanting to play a game but that said they do have rather good odds at the Goldentiger casino Canada - goldencasinos.ca.

Also the games there are rather good as well, come to think of it they've got it all. Maybe it's time to get away from the debate and have a bit of fun, sounds like a much better way to spend one's time, anyone in favor?