Learn to Win More Money with the Andrucci Roulette System

With most casino games, there is very little that you or anyone can do to influence the outcome. Of course, with things like video poker and blackjack you can make wise choices along the way that will definitely help you win more often. However, when it comes to roulette, you are at the mercy of the ball and the wheel; all you can do is place a wager and hope you hit your goal. This is where the Andrucci roulette system can help you.

Even Money Wagers

The first thing that anyone who wants to hold on to his or her bankroll should do involves studying the different wagers and odds. In general, the lower the payout, the better your odds will be. Similarly, the highest payoff of all comes when a single number is wagered upon and wins, but the odds of this happening are incredibly slim. As such, the best thing that you can do is place what are known as even money wagers - red or black, even or odd, and high or low numbers.

Managing Your Money

Once you've decided what type of even money bets you want to place, you'll need to devise a plan to hold on to your bankroll long enough to make a profit. There are numerous strategies out there, including some that require you to increase or decrease your bets as you go along depending on whether you win or lose. These can be helpful to a point but, in most cases, all you're going to do is break even. Many people prefer the Andrucci roulette system instead because it provides a chance to win more often.

How It Works

Essentially, you'll want to watch the wheel for anywhere from 30 to 60 spins. There are several ways that you can do this, including placing your even wagers during this time or simply enjoying the 'free play' mode that many online casinos provide. Then, on a piece of paper, you will mark down the one number that seems to come up more often than the rest. Finally, the objective is to place a bet on that number - any way you choose - for another 30 turns and see where that takes you.

Does It Help?

Really, this all depends on the amount of cash you have to spend and how much you're willing to lose. Putting your cash down on a single number for 30 spins is almost always a bad idea because you're likely going to lose quite a bit along the way. Rather, you should focus on the even money bets that contain that pocket. Instead of putting your money down on just red, though, you could choose both red and the high end of the scale if both of these categories cover you

To tell you the truth, there really is no foolproof way to make sure that you walk away a winner. However, the Andrucci roulette system is designed to put your powers of observation to the test and allow you to practice roulette strategy with which you are not familiar.