The Benefits Of Mini Roulette With No Download

Mini roulette certainly isn't everyone's favorite, but it is a great introduction to one of the most classic and iconic casino games of all time. In fact, with a bit of searching, you can even find free no download versions that you can access immediately! People who are new to this title often start with the mini version because it is easier to understand the odds and how the betting structure works. However, those who expect to win real money should move on to the European or the French versions if they want the best possible odds.

The Differences in the Wheel

The first thing to note is that there are some differences in mini roulette and its standard counterpart that primarily lie in the actual size of the physical wheel (in land-based institutions, of course), the number of pockets, the odds, and the actual number of wagers from which you can choose. Essentially, it is a simplified version of the European wheel that features only the numbers one through 12 as well as a single green zero pocket. Just like its original predecessor, there are both inside and outside wagers that may be placed.

Avoid Real Money Options

Of course, while mini roulette is a great way to learn, it should never be played for real money. Here's why: the odds of winning decrease substantially based upon the number of pockets that are removed from the original version. While the odds of landing on anything but zero are fairly decent in the European style, more than half of the numbers are removed in this style meaning that the chances of landing on that zero during any spin go up substantially! This makes even-money bets less likely to win and makes this a poor choice for real money wagering overall.

Free For Everyone

With all of that being said, the good news is that there is plenty of free software that you can access online without any kind of a download whatsoever. All you have to do is navigate your web browser to the page you want, click "Play" and start placing your stakes. Of course, you can't win any real money like this, but you won't be losing any, either. Thus, before you move on to the high-stakes French tables at your favorite gambling hub, you can find out how the mechanics work by checking out the unpaid versions that are available to you.

The software that is available comes in many different styles, so make sure that you can find one you enjoy. Some are designed to be as realistic as possible while others are more simplistic in nature to help you learn faster. In either case, there are benefits and downfalls to consider. Finally, never make a deposit until you are confident that your chosen establishment is completely trustworthy. You can read online reviews and check the licensure with the shown jurisdiction's website to be sure.