Optimize Your Game with Pivot Roulette

When it comes to gambling, players will do almost anything to help them increase their wins or at least hold onto their money a little longer. The Pivot roulette system is one of the easiest betting systems for roulette to learn, and anyone can do it with a little time and patience. It is called the 'Pivot' system because the player will be required to come up with a pivot number, or hub, upon which to place bets.

It is first important to understand the odds associated with roulette and how these odds change during short or long periods of time. There are 37 or 38 numbers on the wheel depending upon the variant, and each of these numbers will come up an equal number of times over the course of millions and millions of spins. However, players only gamble with roulette for short periods of time, so some believe that it is possible to make predictions.

In order to use the Pivot roulette strategy, players will need to observe a roulette wheel over the course of about 30 spins or so and keep track of all of the numbers that come up. Even in a real-life casino, this is permitted in most cases because the player's actions can never in any way affect the outcome of the game. The first number that repeats itself will be the chosen number, or the one that players will want to keep an eye on.

The idea here is that, at least in the short-term scheme of things, the chosen number will appear again at least twice in the course of the next 30 spins or so. Thus, the player is instructed to place bets on that number for the course of 36 spins and continue do so until he or she either loses all 36 spins or wins a significant payout based upon his or her wager. This seems simple enough because in the event that the player actually does win in those spins, he or she will break even at the very least.

Players who do not win during those 36 spins may find themselves down quite a bit, so it is then up to the player to determine whether or not to keep playing. However, it is advised that the player who wants to stick to the Pivot roulette system should take the time to observe another 30 or so spins in order to come up with a new number. This process will eventually pay off, but there is still some luck involved.

Last but not least, players should always remember that there is never any action that can influence the outcome of a roulette wheel spin, and each and every outcome is independent of the ones that came before and the ones that will come after. While this system is mathematically sound and will pay off handsomely if the player is lucky enough, it is never any guarantee that he or she will win.