Why Players should Learn a Mixed Roulette Strategy

A mixed roulette strategy is not something that will guarantee any roulette player a win. Rather, the purpose of such a strategy is to help in extending the bankroll and allow the player to enjoy the game for a longer period of time. Roulette is a game of luck and one that cannot be controlled in any way. Therefore, players should learn various methods for extending their bankrolls and protecting their investments. Before using this strategy, players should understand that there are hundreds of bet combinations available. Some payout more than 30 to one and others pay out even money.

It is best to use any of the strategies listed here while playing French or European roulette as these present the best odds for the player. The most basic mixed roulette strategy is placing two different even money bets. As an example, the player could bet $5 on even and $5 on red. Then, there are three possible outcomes: the player could lose $10, win $10 or simply break even. This strategy causes the player to break even more often than win or lose, but that is the point of the strategy--to extend gameplay on a limited bankroll.

Players can take this strategy a bit further if they so choose and increase the number of outcomes. On the next spin of the wheel, the player could bet $5 on even, $5 on red and another $5 on the low numbers. Then, there are many more outcomes that could occur. The point in doing this is to increase the amount of money that could be won on a single spin, even if it also means that the player is increasing the amount of money that could be lost. The thought is that the even money bets have the best odds, so two or three per spin is acceptable.

As the player's knowledge increases even further, he or she has more options available. For instance, the player could wager $5 on black and $10 on numbers 13 to 24. At this point, there are several things that could happen despite the fact that the wager on 13 to 24 has worse odds than an even money bet. Here, the player could win $25, win $15, lose $15 or lose $5. With this more advanced strategy, players will almost always lose more than they will win but since the wins are larger, the player will still continue to break even overall.

Overall, the main idea behind a mixed roulette strategy is to pick two or three different bets and wager different amounts of money on them. Players should be careful to make sure they do not place contradictory wagers, however. For instance, while the rules will allow a player to wager $5 on red and $5 on black, there is no win or lose here. The player can only break even in the end. Rather, the player should place each of those $5 wagers on different even money bets for better odds and a chance to win more.