The Martingale Roulette System Protects the Bankroll

Roulette is a game of pure luck and there is nothing that a player can do to affect the pocket in which the ball lands. However, there is plenty that the player can do when it comes to bankroll management, and this is where the Martingale roulette system comes into play. With it, players progressively bet higher and higher with each loss, but they also go back to square one after each win. There are many different variations of this betting system, but it is one of the most widely-known and used in the industry today. Not only can it be applied to roulette, but many players also use it in blackjack, craps and other games, as well.

Getting Started

Before employing the system, the player must first determine the amount of the initial 'unit'. This unit is the reference point that the player will return to after a win, so it must be considered carefully. Similarly, the player must also keep the table limit in mind when creating this reference point to ensure that the system can be used as intended. The intention of the system is to recoup all of the losses a player has sustained with a winning spin, thereby helping the player come closer to 'breaking even' and extending the time he or she can play with a single bankroll.

An Illustration

As an example, imagine that a player's initial bet is $1--this is the 'unit' to which the player will return after each win. If the player bets $1 and loses, then the player will wager $2 on the next spin. If this loses, the player will wager $4, then $8, and so on. However, if at any point during this time the player wins a spin, then he or she will bet $1 on the next spin and start the entire process over again.

Even Money Bets

When a player decides to use the Martingale roulette strategy, he or she should remember that this only applies to even money bets. Consider this: every roulette table has a limit, and if a player goes on a long losing streak, then the table limit will prevent him or her from recouping losses when a win does finally occur. For this reason, players should never use this system when placing anything other than even money bets. In fact, it is recommended that players set aside a part of their bankrolls for placing riskier bets, if desired.

Employing the Strategy

In order to use the Martingale roulette system effectively, players will need some determination and staying power. It is extremely easy to get caught up in a winning streak and throw logic out the window, and this can cause everything that the player has worked for to come to an end. Statistically, the system does help players extend their bankrolls and lose less money, but only when they can employ it as intended and not stray from it at any point during gameplay.