Deciding To Play Roulette Or Craps: A Comparison

There are two games in any casino that are always in competition with one another. There are many reasons for this, but the truth is that they are both dependent purely on chance and there is nothing that can ever be done to affect any outcome of any given turn. So, when you are trying to decide whether to play roulette or craps, you will want to keep some other things in mind since skill isn't a requirement for either.

Other Similarities and Draws

Aside from the lack of skill, what else is there about choosing whether to play roulette or craps that is so difficult? Well, they are both some of the most bustling areas of a land-based venue since people are often waiting to see who is going to be the lucky shooter or bettor. They are both associated with an air of prestige - at least in a casino setting - and they both require placing smart wagers over a period of time in order to have any financial success. These things can combine the two into the same category, but do they really make the decision so hard?


Of course, roulette isn't something that is enjoyed outside of a gambling establishment in many instances. A true, balanced roulette wheel is carved from expensive hardwood and costs a small fortune to procure, but there are version of craps being played on street corners and even in homes in various parts of the world. What's more, the former requires a wheel, a table, a ball and a croupier while the latter only requires a table, a set of dice, and an employee to watch the action and take the money. Finally, while the former has been around only since the 17th century, it is thought that the latter was developed hundreds of years before in a more rudimentary but similar format.

Is One Better than the Other?

While there are certainly plenty of people who will argue in favor of both options until their faces turn blue, there is no one clearly defined answer. The truth is that it is often a matter of personal preference and that one isn't necessarily any better than the other. When deciding whether to play roulette or craps, keep in mind that the even money bets in either situation carry about the same odds, so you aren't any more likely to win with one than you are the other. When it comes to prestige and luxury, roulette is the clear winner. However, when it comes to camaraderie and excitement, you just can't beat a good game of craps.

So, if you are deciding whether you want to play craps or roulette, there is no real comparison between the two. You will need to check them both out, perhaps even in a free online setting, before deciding which one is the right choice for your individual wants and needs. Who knows? Maybe you will be a fan of both!